During this course, we will explore the history of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas from Human Origins to 1550. Although the course is organized chronologically, we are not going to cover every, or even most, aspects of World History during this time period. Rather, we are going to focus on certain themes to consider the development of various civilizations. At the same time, we will be working on developing our competencies as historians, by reading, writing, and discussing primary sources through a number of different historical lenses.

How this course works

HIST 190 is a hybrid course. Lectures will be delivered live via Zoom (link posted on our chatboard) and they will be recorded to view at a later time. Tutorials on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be face to face in assigned classrooms. The tutorial on Wednesday will be delivered via Zoom.

Information on course textbooks is available here: Textbooks

Course Policies

For information on how to contact your instructors, late assignments and extensions, plagiarism, submission of assignments, and accommodations and accessibility, see: Course Policies


There are five modules in this course, each of which covers four or more topics over two to three weeks.

For more information see: Modules


Tutorials begin the week of September 13th. Please ensure you look at which tutorial you signed up for to see if it will take place face to face in an assigned classroom or via Zoom. If your tutorial is online, your TA will be in touch regarding how to access it.

For more information on tutorials, see: Tutorials

Header image:  Copy of the Tabula Rogeriana by Muhammad al-Idrisi (1154). Collage and transliteration by Konrad Miller, 1929. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TabulaRogeriana.jpg